So, after a break we decide to go back to the structure and explore it in more detail, hoping to find some clues about its origins and its purpose. We discover a natural cave and notice airflow which must link this cave somehow to the outside. Moving up to the second floor, we discover a room made up of glass walls on which a woman appears. She starts talking but unfortunately, we cannot understand her; we’re only able to figure out that she keeps repeating herself.

We go on exploring and discover some interesting details about the installation; we cannot go on forever and so go back to camp to strengthen ourselves.

During the night some rite cats show up seeming to show a way into the structure; Ibram and Siri follow their calling with Dane eventually following them. The three end up in the natural cave again and meet the mother cat who has some interesting things to tell them. She asks us for help and we eventually agree to do so. With the instructions of the mother cat we can explore previously locked rooms and we find new items including guns. We try to learn how to use them most effectively and this ends session three of Dust.

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