So, the adventure goes on! This time, we trip back to Narok and refill our supplies, adding a new party member while we’re there. Then, the group leaves with the goal of exploring the structure they discovered.
After finding a way in, Alexander is posted on guard duty at the entrance while the rest of the group slowly starts moving forward. They discover markings on the walls, which none of them can read. The group wants to explore the first floor before moving deeper into the structure. They reach a narrow room, filled with what looks like lockers. They are marked, and Siri tries to figure out what the markings mean.
Ibram opens one of the lockers and it pulls out a slab with a black bag, roughly human-shaped, on it. Siri realizes that the markings are numbers and that there are 80 such lockers in this room.
After a short discussion, they open the body bag and find a mummified corpse inside. They decide to close it up again and leave. They go back to camp for lunch, which is where the session ends.

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