Who are we?

A bunch of nerds from Switzerland, playing roleplaying games because they’re fun!

  • Mark
    Mark is the group’s main gamemaster and site administrator. When not busy improving the website, he enjoys playing in theatre productions and reading good books.

  • Jan T.
    Jan T., first of the Jans, second GM in the group, master of creating a creepy atmosphere.

  • Jan J.
    Jan J., second of the Jans, he tends to set fire to everything he can, which at least makes for fun plots.

  • Joan
    Joan, resident French guy, proves that speaking fast is not limited to speaking French.

  • Patrick
    The quiet support that Patrick provides has saved the group more than once.

  • Yvonne
    Red-hair, fierce and the newest member of the group. Yvonne has quickly found her role in the group, appreciating the patience of the more experienced players.


For getting our podcast off the ground, the advice and help of Stefan Haslinger (who can be heard here and here) was invaluable. On top of the advice, he maintains jekyll-octopod which powers this podcast.

The comments on this blog are powered by isso, a light-weight, open source comment engine.


All content we’ve created is licensed under the Creative Commons By-NC 4.0 license. We realize that this is not a fully free license, but we’d prefer if people didn’t make money off our content without at least talking to us about it.

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